When a client comes to us and wants to organise a wine tour we always do everything we can to make it a truly memorable experience for them. Our motto as a Wine Tour Company is “It’s all about YOU – no cutting corners, no forced rules”. So, when we got a phone call from a client who wanted to organise a Yarra Valley wine tour for 15 people for a very special occasion (not revealing what it was), we offered her our top of the range Ultimate Hummer tour that includes 5 wineries, 3 course restaurant lunch, wine tastings, chocolate and cheese tastings and complimentary bottles of champagne in limo.

Only a week before the tour we found out the real reason behind the celebrations. The client (Cherie) was gathering her friends to organise a truly memorable trip to celebrate her surviving the cancer of 10 years. That was a magical celebration of life for her and her friends. Thank you Cherie, it was great to be a part of such a special occasion.

Here are some of the pictures from the tour:

hummer melbourne tour

yarra valley melbourne wine tour

hummer yarra valley wine tours

yarra valley limo wine tours

hummer melbourne tour